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Injuries are unique, just like individuals themselves. We're committed to giving competitors the treatment they need, because we believe that elite athletes deserve elite protection.

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The right protection for you

Rapid prototyping and material advantages of 3D printing allow us to create devices that maximize mobility, comfortability, and protection.

Our products are designed for you, nobody else. 

Training rooms are busy. 

Let us do the work, you focus on the game.

Our 3-step process of scanning, modeling, and printing minimizes time and effort on your end. Requiring just a few minutes of your time to take the scan, we return a finished product in just a few days.




to scan


to prototype



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Products & Solutions

All of our devices are truly custom and made for athletes, by athletes. Each one increases protection without compromising comfort or performance.

In addition to preventative devices such as thumb and forearm guards, we offer solutions for a number of common injuries including:

  • MCP Joint Chronic dislocation

  • AC Joint Separation (Grades I-V)

  • SC Joint Separation

  • Metacarpal Fracture

  • Proximal Phalanx Fracture

  • Clavicle Fracture

  • Sternum Contusion

  • Iliac Crest Contusion

  • Thumb UCL Tear

Have other ideas? Need a custom protective device for a new application?

Let us know, our design team loves a good challenge!


Athletes love it, and that's what matters

"I didn't even notice it was there"

-Daniel Jones, New York Giants QB

Then Duke QB Daniel Jones broke his collarbone during the 2018 season. 3 weeks later, he was back on the gridiron, and he played all 7 games for the rest of the season. The thermoplastic pad he used to use restricted his mobility and caused scratches and bruising.

"I can't feel the checks on the pads."

-Brad Smith, Duke Men's Lacrosse #27

Attacks in lacrosse face constant checking that can result in forearm fractures and contusions. This past spring, eight members of the Duke Men's Lacrosse team wore our devices. Each device fit the user perfectly, and some were even tailored to protect pre-existing injuries.

NC State Football Pilot Program

This past fall, we conducted a full pilot program with NC State Football to demonstrate the value we can bring to athletic training rooms everywhere.


Our team understands the issue, and it's personal

As former Division I athletes and engineers themselves, our leaders know the problem from real experience. As teammates, classmates, and co-founders, we know what is wrong, how to fix it, and why it matters.

Kevin Gehsmann, CEO

Duke University

Mechanical Engineering and Material Science

Clark Bulleit, CSO

Duke University

Biomedical Engineering

Tim Skapek, CTO

Duke University

Mechanical Engineering and Material Science


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